At Ammar Trading, we tap decades of experience and state-of-the-art innovation to produce top-quality, 100-percent recycled corrugating medium. Our paper is recognized industry-wide for its clean profile and strength, far exceeding the products of other recycled paper mills in the Pakistan.

By using our paper, our customers can increase the total recycled content of their boxes. And because our paper is certified to the standards, our customers know they’re purchasing a product made with materials originating.

Our printing paper has even quality, excellent stiffness and ink-drying so the productivity of a printing company can be improved. The response to short-term delivery has been upgraded by our production system. In addition, we make efforts to minimize the loss of our customers by implementing a campaign, Claim Zero, Full Compensation’. Especially, with our long-term experience and capacity regarding the recyclable materials, we respond to the demand for eco-friendly recycled paper and have environmental certificates.